мерзкая птица Верочка
А мир устроен так, что всё возможно в нём, но после ничего исправить нельзя.

"His choice to postpone joining Hollywood causes a lapse in his Warner Bros. contract. He returns to London dejected and broke. Harry decides death is the only solution. Of the many ways to exit life Harry chooses to stick his head in the oven and turn on the gas, a popular choice at the time. However the stove’s inside is too dirty and he can’t bear the idea of putting his head in it so he spends the afternoon cleaning the apartment and his stove in preparation. The tidiness of it all must have been cathartic because when he finished he no longer wanted to die. He wanted to act".

Mattew Brannon, “Laurence Harvey”.

Я не знаю, правда это или очередная, кхм, древняя красивая легенда - но в подобном подходе к вопросу определённо что-то есть.)

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